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GetFeedback dashboards give you powerful insight into your survey results, and let you share this information quickly. Filter your dashboards and share these filtered insights with your team.


Getting Started

Using survey merge fields associated with your responses  - we can track trends in responses on your dashboard and share these filtered views with your stakeholders.  

In my example, we’ve included the region and contact channel for our respondents. We can use this information to set up filters in my dashboard, only showing the results of that region and channel.

To get started, create your survey dashboard by adding new tiles for each question. Once your dashboard is complete,  click on the share arrow on the upper right-hand side of your screen. 

Create Your Links

Send an unfiltered view of your entire dashboard by clicking Copy.


To add filters to your dashboard view, click on the Filtered Views tab. Adding filters to your shared dashboard allows you to craft a narrative with your survey response data. 


To add a merge field filter for your dashboard, click +Add Field and select your merge fields from the drop down menu.


Once you've selected your merge fields from the drop-down you’ll be asked to enter the first value. For example, if you’d like to share this dashboard with different regions of your company, but only allow for them to see their region you’ll begin by typing in the first region here and then click on Generate Link to create a secure link specific to that region.


If you want to create more than one filtered view you’ll start over, entering in a value for each region. Each link generated will only show that region’s responses.

Add more merge fields you’d like to your dashboard by clicking +Add Field then when you're finished Generate Link for your new filtered view.


If you look at your link you’ll now see the merge field is included in the link along with an HMAC key.

This HMAC key will be added to the end of your URL to ensure that no one can change the dashboard URL. The user must have both the merge field and the corresponding HMAC key in order to see their specific information win your dashboard.

Now you can share your filtered dashboard view by sending out the link you've generated.

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