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Sending beautifully branded mobile-friendly emails can be tough for even the most experienced of email designers. We’ve made it easy for you by creating a great looking HTML email template that you can export directly from your GetFeedback account and send from your email platform of choice.

Video guide to exporting HTML email templates

Create Your Survey

First, create your GetFeedback survey. To embed the first survey question in your email, you can do this by adding it to your email template. The question types you can embed in your email currently are: Rating, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Multiple Choice, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Like/Dislike. 

In this example, we’ve created a survey using our Rating question type


 If you plan to embed a survey question in your email template, we recommend removing the title page from your survey. This makes the flow of the survey a little smoother for your users.  Remove the title page by hovering over the title page thumbnail in the survey builder and click the X on the top right-hand corner. 

remove title page by clicking the X icon in top right corner

Create Your Email Template

Warning: Using the Live survey for email templates

Build your template in the Live version of your survey. When you publish your survey, any Draft settings will be erased and can’t be recovered. Your Draft settings won't be published to the Live email.

Get started on your HTML email template. To do this, navigate to Distribute > EmailHTML.

Choose your Email Call to Action. Choose to either embed a button to start your survey, or embed a survey question. 


Once you've chosen your Call to Action, you’ll see the email preview update to reflect the question or button selected.

VF03 email preview

Add Merge Fields and Personalize your Email

Add the merge fields that should be included in your survey by clicking +Merge Field 


Add as many merge fields as you'd like. Remember to match the personalization syntax to your email provider. You don't need to worry about what you place in the Merge Field Key field as this will be the name used to track what information is being pulled in.

The Merge Field Value section is the personalization syntax of your email sending system. Just like using personalization to merge a recipient's name into the body of the email when it is sent, we do the same to merge information into the GetFeedback URL for tracking and survey personalization. We've used Campaign Monitor personalization syntax in our example below.


Now, my URL behind the scenes will look like this:


When the email is sent, those fields will be replaced by your email sending system and the recipient will receive a unique URL with their tracked information embedded - allowing us to know who is taking the survey.

Here are some examples of popular personalization syntax used with email providers:


Once you’ve selected your merge fields to be included in your URL you can also add these to your email body or greeting to personalize your message, such as 'Hello, [firstname]!'. When the email is sent from your email provider it will automatically bring in this information for each email recipient.

Click on the blue Personalize button to get started and select the merge fields to pull into your template. 


Export Your Template

When your merge fields are in place click Export to get your HTML code. Then click Copy & Close to copy the HTML to your clipboard. 

Send Your Email

Once your template is copied over to your email provider make sure to save the code and test your merge fields to make sure that everything is pulling in correctly

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