Exporting Detailed Results to CSV or Excel

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To see detailed results of a survey and understand how the results impact your organization, GetFeedback provides real-time, detailed analyses on the Survey Responses table in the app. You can export this data at any time from the same page in your GetFeedback app. 

Export response dates will be in the UTC time zone. 

Getting Started

To see your responses, navigate to the Results tab and choose Responses. If you're using our Draft / Publish feature you'll see this under your View Live Results tab.

 Once you're here, locate the Export Responses button on the right-hand side of your screen.


 GetFeedback survey responses can be exported in Microsoft Excel format or Comma Separated Values format (also known as .XLSX and .CSV)  

Pick your export format, set response date range filters, include incomplete responses in the report,  and choose to turn email notifications on or off when a survey export has been created. If the checkbox labeled Send Email when Finished is ticked, we’ll send the export to the email address associated with your GetFeedback account when the export is ready to be viewed. 

Then, Start Export. When the report is ready, Download. 


A Video Guide on Exporting Responses (including Incomplete Responses)

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