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GetFeedback surveys are mobile responsive and can be easily viewed on IOS and Android devices. It’s easy to embed a GetFeedback survey inside your iOS or Android mobile app, and have it feel like a seamless part of your app experience - Surfacing a GetFeedback survey inside your app requires some coding within your app, but should be well worth it!

Getting Started

GetFeedback surveys are always presented as a responsive webview. By designing your survey theme to match the fonts, colors, and logo/imagery of your app, you can pass focus from your app to a browser view that loads a GetFeedback survey using a “Let us know” button in your app - then, when the survey is complete, GetFeedback will pass focus back to your app. Your users won’t even notice they’ve left your app!

Survey design

Use GetFeedback’s theme options to make the colors, fonts, logos, and imagery of your survey match your app styling and branding. For more on styling your surveys, see our article on Editing a Survey Theme. In-app surveys should be short and sweet, without a title page.

Passing focus from your app to GetFeedback

Use an event in your app (often a button-tap) to launch a webview of your GetFeedback survey URL:


Append merge fields to the survey URL to pass context from the app to the survey, for attribution, personalization, or to drive survey branching logic, e.g.:


These merge fields can be static - passing in the same values each time to be tracked along with the survey. Or more dynamic - using a bit of extra code to dynamically fill in those fields with a variable.

Passing focus from GetFeedback back to your app

The GetFeedback webview within the app will send two events to third-parties, which your app can use to handle what happens after the response is complete:

requestRedirect- For redirecting to a URL at the end of the survey, if you’ve designated one (or one of several redirect URLs, using our Logic Builder) for your survey’s Exit Page. This allows your app to redirect to a specific page based on the survey selections.

submittedResponse- Notifies your app that the survey is complete. This allows your app to close the survey webview, and bring focus back to the app.

For iOS

Messages are sent via the standard message handler object that's injected by WKWebView, window.webkit.messageHandlers.callback

For Android

Web views need to inject a window.messageHandler object with a postMessage function.

window.messageHandler = { postMessage: function(message) { doSomethingInMyApp(message); } }

No Consultation Available

This is provided as an example of where to start with your implementation, and may not cover all use cases or work in all organizational settings. The GetFeedback Support team isn't able to offer consulting services for coding issues because of the many nuances that may occur within your organization. We recommend working with your team's Salesforce administrator, who can troubleshoot directly in your organization to find a solution to any code issues.

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