Emailing Surveys Using Salesforce Reports

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GetFeedback Send to a List lets you send your survey out in a beautiful and branded email. It's easy to send survey invitations to your Salesforce contacts, leads when you need a quick batch and blast email survey using GetFeedback Send to a List.

Getting Started

  • Create your Salesforce report to build a list of folks that should receive your survey. If you need help on this, Salesforce has some great documentation to help you get started. We can only send 2000 email invitations at a time with Salesforce reports. 

  • In your GetFeedback account, select the survey that you’d like to share via email.

  • Connect your GetFeedback survey to Salesforce by navigating to the Mappings tab. You don't need to set up your response mappings yet, just connect to Salesforce so we can find your reports in Salesforce.

  • Navigate to Distribute > Email, then select Send to list from GetFeedback from the dropdown menu.

navigation send to a list
  • Build your email by creating a subject line and from email address in the fields provided.

  • Click Salesforce Report to the right of the Create List option to display your Salesforce reports.

  • Choose your Salesforce Report from the list. Then select the fields that you’d like to use within your email.

  • Import the list by clicking Next. Any fields you selected will be used as merge field, so when your survey responses start to come in, this data can be used to track responses or associate them with known contacts or accounts in your Salesforce org. 

  • Click the blue Personalize button to pop merge fields into your email to personalize it and track survey responses as they start to come in! When the email is sent, the merge fields will be replaced with the information contained within the 'firstname' field we've pulled from Salesforce.


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