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As part of your GetFeedback survey branding, you may want to create a custom URL for your surveys. You have a few different options for configuring a custom URL for your GetFeedback surveys. We'll talk a bit about each option below.

The custom URL domain process mentioned in this article is separate from the custom sending email set up for our Automate in GetFeedback Using Salesforce tool.

GetFeedback Survey URL

We provide a unique GetFeedback survey token for each of your surveys. You can view the survey URL by navigating to Distribute > Link.

A typical GetFeedback survey link uses as the base, and includes a unique survey token. Here's an example of a GetFeedback survey URL with one merge field.

web link with labels

GetFeedback Custom Subdomain

Create a custom GetFeedback subdomain to include your branding without removing the GetFeedback domain. Create your custom subdomain by navigating to Settings > Custom URL > Edit. Once you've entered your custom subdomain in your Settings and Saved, all surveys sent from your account will use the new subdomain. You can see how a custom subdomain is formatted below.


Your Company's Custom Domain/Subdomain

You might prefer to use your own custom domain (e.g. or your own custom subdomain (e.g. Because GetFeedback doesn’t own your domain, we can’t automatically direct internet traffic from your domain without some additional configuration. However, you can configure your domain's DNS settings (or you can contact your IT team and have them do it), so that you can choose to route traffic from your domain to your GetFeedback surveys. You can see how this option is formatted as a custom subdomain created with your company's domain rather than

custom domain and subdomain

Setting up a Custom Domain or Subdomain

DNS Instructions for Your IT Professional

  1. Reach out to GetFeedback support at, to let them know what custom domain you’d like to set up.

  2. We’ll start the process of adding the custom domain for you, and we’ll provide you with a CNAME target which will point your desired custom domain to the DNS target (eg.``-> ``)

  3. Then we’ll add the custom domain to your account and confirm the SSL for you. 

  4. We'll let you know when the custom domain is live. 

  5. You’ll want to test your survey links to be sure they look good and are rendering correctly as well

Domain & Subdomain
domain and subdomain

When a custom subdomain or domain is removed or changed this will block respondents from accessing the survey with the previous domain or subdomain. If you have live surveys set up with a custom URL already, we don't recommend changing the domain or subdomain on the account.

If you've shared a live survey link before you set a custom domain or subdomain, that link will stay active even when a custom domain or subdomain is added.

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