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In this article, we're going to cover how to create your first workspace. We’ll start with the definition of a workspace, and end with the creation of a workspace and we'll cover some editing options for your workspace.

But before we start, we would like to highlight a few things:

  • You don’t need to create new campaigns for them to appear in Workspaces. Workspaces will sync all of your campaigns from.

  • Team Administrators can create, edit, and delete workspaces. Team members can be given permissions to create, edit, and delete workspaces.

  • Anyone who is provided access to a workspace will be able to edit all of the charts within that workspace.

  • Nothing you do in Workspaces will affect any of your campaigns or data in the survey responses table or other sections of the app.

What is a workspace?

A workspace is an environment that allows you to combine and segment responses in any way that fits your organization. You can create a workspace based on a structure that is appropriate to your teams, your goals and the insights that you want to share with your stakeholders. Want to combine the Responses coming from different channels? No problem. Different languages? No problem. Different platforms? No problem! In a workspace, you can select the data, add visualizations, filter the data, read the relevant responses and act upon the responses.

How to structure a workspace?

Before you create a workspace, we recommend thinking about how you best want to visualize your data from your existing surveys. Think of what the key goal is and have this in mind as the title of your workspace. 

Create a workspace in 4 steps

Create a new workspace

You create a workspace by clicking on "New Workspace" on the top-left of your screen:

Give your workspace a title and description

Then, you will be asked to enter the name and description of the workspace. The name is mandatory and can contain a maximum of 70 characters. The description is not mandatory, but advised, and can contain a maximum of 500 characters. We would advise you to think about a naming convention that works for you and that will make sure you and your colleagues easily recognize what data is in the workspace. Everyone who is using the workspace should know what's in there. Don't worry if you're not sure what to call your workspace, both the name and description are editable. Please see below:

Select the surveys that you want to use in your workspace

Now, click Continue. There, you will be able to select the surveys you want to use in your workspace:

  1. Search bar to quickly find the surveys you want to use in your workspace. It's also possible to sort the different forms alphabetically.

  2. Indicate how the survey was distributed.

  3. Sort your forms based on creation dates.

  4. Sort your forms based on status (inactive or active).

Set your permissions

Once you’ve chosen the forms that you want to analyze in your workspace, the next step is to select who you want to provide access to your workspace. By default, a workspace will be made public to all users within your team account, whether these users are an Administrator or not. So, by default, non-admins will also have access to any workspaces that are created in Workspaces. When new users are added (like when a new employee joins your company), they will also automatically have access to any public workspaces within Workspaces.

However, the choice is yours. If you would like users to only have access to data that is relevant to them, you can apply restricted permissions to specific users in a workspace. When you decide to restrict access, only the creator of the workspace and admins will have the right to edit the title, forms, and permissions within the workspace. For now, you can apply Can edit data rights to users that you would like to provide access to your workspace. Please see below:

If you made it up until here, you have created your workspace. Now, let's populate it with data by following our guide on How to create a chart.

Edit a workspace

Let's say you have created your workspace, but, there's something missing. That one thing. That one campaign form you wanted to select isn't in your selection or maybe the description is not clear enough. This is where the editing options of the workspace come in.

To view the available editing options of your workspace, click on the three dots in the top right corner.

Administrators of your account will have the following options after opening the edit menu:

  • Edit form selections:

    • Want to add or exclude specific forms from your workspace? As an administrator, you can either select the Edit Form Selection option from the Forms filter or select the Edit form selections option by clicking on the three dots. Either option will take you back to the relevant step in the workspace creation wizard.

  • Edit title and description:

    • To change the title or description of your workspace, select Edit name and description option from the three dots. This will take you back to the relevant step in the workspace creation wizard.

  • Edit permissions:

    • To change who has access to the workspace, select the Edit permissions option from the three dots. This will take you back to the relevant step in the workspace creation wizard, where you can either restrict access or provide access to all users in your company by selecting Public access option. Only an Administrator can edit a workspace.

  • Duplicate a workspace

    • To make a copy of a workspace, select Duplicate workspace from the three dots, and enter a new name for it. Your new workspace will include the same forms, permissions, tiles, and saved filters as the workspace you duplicated.

Delete a workspace

If the workspace you created is not correct and you would like a reset? Your team administrator can delete the workspace. The delete workspace option can be found under the three dots in the top right corner of your workspace:

  1. Click on the three dots

  2. Select Delete workspace.

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