Connecting Your Pardot Account in GetFeedback

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Personalize surveys and email with data from Pardot. You can connect GetFeedback with Pardot to integrate response data to impact lead scoring and customer journey.

Note: Can't Connect to Sandbox (UAT) Environments

It’s not possible to connect sandbox (UAT) Pardot environments to GetFeedback.

Pardot SSO Updates for Winter 2021

Pardot SSO
Pardot SSO Updates Winter 2021

If you enable SSO for the integration user you will have to delete and re-add the connection. Old connections should still continue to work without SSO for that particular integration as old API calls should be supported until June 2021 with some outages.

GetFeedback supports SSO for Version 3 and Version 4 of Pardot (but not 5, yet)

Update your Pardot connection to SSO:

  • Create a new integration user on Pardot

  • Enable Salesforce SSO for that user

  • Create new Pardot connections in GF with the new user

  • Test your mappings with this new connections, then remove the old connections and old connecting user.

Connecting to Pardot

Navigate to Integrations in the left side navigation pane and choose the Pardot tab. Once you've reached this page, click Add Connection. Then, fill in the information listed below. This information is needed in order for your GetFeedback account to connect to the Pardot API.

Only GetFeedback team administrators can set up your Pardot to GetFeedback connection at this time.


Connection Name
Give your connection a unique name so that you can identify it in GetFeedback later.


Business ID
To find the Pardot Business Unit ID, use Setup in Salesforce. From Setup, enter "Pardot Account Setup" in the Quick Find box.

Your Pardot Business Unit ID begins with "0Uv" and is 18 characters long. If you cannot access the Pardot Account Setup information, ask your Salesforce Administrator to provide it.
How to get the business unit id

Pardot Version
Tick the box to indicate which version of Pardot you're using.
We currently only support versions 3 and 4.
How to find your correct version of Pardot

Once this information is filled out, click Add, that will redirect you to Salesforce login screen in a new tab. Then enter the Salesforce SSO credentials for your Pardot org, on successful login you will be redirected back to GetFeedback and a new connection will be added.

Add as many connections as your team has been allotted. The team admin can then manage which team members have access to which Pardot connection.

Please note: If you use variable tags in dynamic content on Pardot forms or landing pages, we recommend you do not upgrade from Pardot's PML syntax to HML (handlebars syntax) at this time

Why does GetFeedback Need this Information?

In order to authenticate a connection to the Pardot API, Pardot requires the information that GetFeedback is requesting in its Pardot access portal. For more information from Pardot, see their documentation.

Pardot Login Errors

If you've entered the incorrect business unit id at the time of adding a new connection, that could create a connection to Pardot with an incorrect business unit id associated, so proceed with caution.

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