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Start using your GetFeedback for Salesforce integration by connecting Salesforce to your GetFeedback account.

Getting Started

Log in to GetFeedback and navigate to Integrations > Salesforce. You'll see the Access Control interface, and the +Add Connection button. You'll see that your own name appears as a Member of your team - you may or may not be the admin of your team - this depends on your GetFeedback team set up, if applicable.


Click on +Add Connection to begin connecting a Salesforce org to your GetFeedback account.

After clicking this button, a dialog box will pop-up, asking you to label your Salesforce connection. At this point, you will also select Production or Sandbox, to let us know what type of Salesforce Org this is.

add new sf cxn

After you enter a name for your org and click ADD, a Salesforce sign-in dialog box will appear. This page will ask you for your Salesforce account credentials.


After entering your Salesforce credentials, the second step in the process is to authorize GetFeedback to push data into Salesforce based on your survey configurations. You have two options:
- Selecting Allow will authorize the connection.
- Selecting Deny will cancel the connection request.

The authorization dialog box will look like this:


If you choose Allow, your GetFeedback account is now connected to Salesforce. Read more about specific survey configurations by visiting our GetFeedback for Salesforce table of contents.

Connecting More Than one Salesforce Org

You may return to this page to add additional Salesforce orgs using the process described above, depending on how many Salesforce connections are included with your GetFeedback plan. You'll always be able to see how many Salesforce connections you have remaining. If you need more Salesforce connections at any time, please contact

Deleting or Changing your Connection

If you need to delete a connection but would like to keep the mappings you've built in your surveys, this is absolutely possible.

What we would recommend in this case is to create your new connection first (if you have enough Salesforce connections). After adding this connection, navigate to each survey and connect it to this new connection via the dropdown box on your mappings page. If you don't have enough connections in your account, to add a new one, simply delete the current connection, add your new one in, and navigate to each survey to connect it to your new Salesforce org. Once this is done, your mappings will be automatically recreated.

You can delete your old connection by going into your Salesforce admin panel and clicking on the pencil shapped edit icon next to this connection. In the modal that appears, you can then choose Delete connection.

add new sf cxn

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