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GetFeedback lets you distribute surveys on your website or blog by embedding your survey in a basic iframe. You'll create the URL and code for this iframe, and preview it using the Web Embed builder.

Getting Started

To access this feature in the survey builder, navigate to Distribute > Web Embed.

When building the URL to use in your iframe, we'll start with your survey’s distribution link, without any alterations. Then, as you edit how your survey looks, we'll adjust this URL accordingly.

You can set up an iframe for your draft or live survey, though we only recommend using draft surveys for testing the survey implementation, not for gathering results you’d like to hang on to. 


The first section on this page is titled iFrame Branding & Navigation

When adjusting the positioning of the progress bar, navigation, navigation width, and footer background, your survey URL in the iframe builder will update to reflect these changes.

  • Progress Bar- You can place your progress bar at the bottom or top of the survey, or remove it altogether.

  • Navigation- You can place the survey navigation at the bottom or top of the survey.

  • Navigation width- If you choose an option other than ‘Auto’ for the survey Navigation, three different options for Navigation width will appear.

  • Footer Background- A small black bar will appear behind your GetFeedback logo or personalized logo (when white-labeling) by default. You can toggle this option to turn it on and off as needed.

Exporting the iFrame Code

After making your edits, you'll export the iframe code, by clicking Export. In the export modal, GetFeedback will prompt you to copy & close or cancel.


In this example, we've set the progress bar to live at the bottom of the survey, the navigation options to live at the top of the survey, and chosen compact for my navigation bar placement.

<iframe src=""
style="border: 0;">

To add relative height and width parameters to your iframe. After copying the iframe code, add the parameters for height and width when embedding your iframe on your website or blog.

No Consultation Available

This is provided as an example of where to start with your implementation, and may not cover all use cases or work in all organizational settings. The GetFeedback Support team isn't able to offer consulting services for coding issues because of the many nuances that may occur within your organization. We recommend working with your team's Salesforce administrator, who can troubleshoot directly in your organization to find a solution to any code issues.

Previewing your iFrame

The final section in the iframe builder is titled Preview iFrame

Editing this section of the iframe builder won’t alter your survey URL or code at all. You’ll need to make all survey placement, width, height, and background color adjustments on your own webpage. We offer this preview simply to give you a sense of what your survey might look like in your website.

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