Automate Reminder Emails in GetFeedback using Salesforce

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Remind your survey recipients to take your survey using automated email reminders. You can schedule up to two reminder emails for each survey. Only recipients that have not yet completed your survey will be sent a reminder email.

Getting Started

Before diving into our reminder email builder, you must first set up an automated email - if you’re not sure how, you’ll find in-depth instructions on setting up automated emails in our Help Center.

Once you have your automated email squared away, you can set up and schedule reminder emails by toggling through the menu on the left side of the Automate in GetFeedback using Salesforce email builder.


Click First reminder to create your first reminder email, You’ll turn the follow up email to On and schedule the Send delay after initial email to set a time for how long you’d like to wait between your initial email and your first reminder email.


At this time, GetFeedback doesn't offer tooling to customize the time of day that a reminder email is sent. Reminder emails will send at the same time of day that your initial email is sent, with the day delay that you've specified. If a new reminder email is scheduled with a 1 day delay, it will be sent exactly 24 hours after the initial email was sent.

Fill out the body of the reminder email by adding a greeting and customizing the call to action on the embedded button which will direct respondents to your survey.


Edit Scheduled Reminders

Want to make a change to your scheduled reminder emails? You can turn reminders on and off as needed by toggling the Enable button at the top left of the page.


If reminder emails are not created at the same time as your initial email, they will be retroactively added to the initial email you sent. If you set up a reminder email within 24-30 hours after you've set up an initial email, your reminder email will be sent immediately when the reminder email setting is enabled.