Allow Respondents to Resume an Incomplete Survey

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Allow Respondents to Resume an Incomplete Survey

By default, when a GetFeedback survey session isn’t finished, the response will be recorded as incomplete.  If the survey link is clicked again - a new survey session will begin. If you want your respondents to be able to resume their incomplete survey session, you’ll want to use our gf_id merge field to make that happen. 

If you're unfamiliar with using merge fields, brush up on your skills with these help center articles: The Basics of URLs and Merge Fields & Using Merge Fields to Track Responses.

If you’re sending out your GetFeedback survey via Automate in GetFeedback using Salesforce, we include gf_unique and gf_id for you by default, so you don’t need to add these as additional merge fields. 

Setting up your URL

Find and copy your survey URL by navigating to Distribute > Link.


Once you've located your survey URL, add the gf_id merge field and a unique parameter which identifies the respondent taking the survey. That way, when they click their unique survey link again, they’ll be able to resume the survey exactly where they left off. 

This key will look like: gf_id=mergefieldvalue 

gf_id tells GetFeedback that the user can resume their survey session, and the parameter is unique to that user so we know exactly which survey session should be resumed. 

Please note: Our gf_id merge field is case sensitive. Be sure to use all lowercase letters. GF_id or GF_ID will not work.

Test gf_id with your survey by adding ?gf_id=yourname (replace 'yourname' with your own name if you’d like) to the end of your survey URL. Your survey URL with gf_id appended may look something like this:

  1. Start the survey, answer 1 or more questions. Close out the survey presenter window in your browser before you submit your answers.

  2. Then, open the survey a second time. You should be brought to the section of the survey where you had previously left off.

  3. Once a survey is completed, clicking the link again will start a new response.

Combine gf_id with other merge fields

gf_id can be combined with any number of merge fields to ensure that you're not only preventing someone from taking your survey twice but also tracking information about each responder. 

Please note

the parameter assigned to the gf_id merge field will not show up in your responses. To track information in your responses you may need to pull in a merge field twice.

Choose the value for your unique parameter, like name, email, or a contact ID if you're using Salesforce. You can also use values like Case ID, or Event ID.

Rather than creating a unique URL for each recipient and distributing URLs individually, you'll most likely be using a dynamic merge field which pulls from your Salesforce, Pardot or Marketing Cloud database. For example, if your unique parameter is an email address, your survey URL would look something like{!Contact.Email}

Here we’re using the Salesforce merge field syntax, but this formatting can vary depending on where you’re sending the survey from. 

To ensure the recipient can resume their survey, and also make sure that their email address is attached to their response so we know whom the response came from, we'll need to add the email merge field as well. When you combine the two merge fields, it will look something like this:{!Contact.Email}&Email={!Contact.Email}

Resume Incomplete Responses and Prevent Duplicates 

Combine gf_id with our other special parameter, gf_unique to prevent duplicate responses. Using gf_id and gf_unique together allows respondents to resume surveys, but only complete the survey once. Your URL, in this case, would look something like this:{!Contact.Email}&gf_unique={!Contact.Email}

 Choose your parameter with care! If you use a parameter specific to a person instead of a case or event,  that individual can’t take this survey again. If you plan on sending the same survey on a recurring schedule, like for your quarterly NPS program, we recommend using a merge field with a date range included. This allows respondents to answer this survey next quarter when the date range is updated for Q2-2020.{!Contact.Email}-H1-2019&gf_unique={!Contact.Email}-Q1-2020

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