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Avoid creating duplicate Contacts and Leads in your Salesforce account by GetFeedback for Salesforce mapping logic to check to see if a contact or lead has already been created in your Salesforce instance, then instead of creating a duplicate record, you can update the existing record to track changes.

Getting Started

Create your GetFeedback survey, and include a form question within it.

Passing information to GetFeedback and Salesforce using merge fields, lets respondents enter their personal information like name, email address, and company. We’ll use this information to match up any existing records already in your Salesforce account.


When your survey is created, head into your survey's Salesforce tab and choose Custom Mappings. Create a new mapping and choose Create new or update existing.

Select the source for the email address GetFeedback can use to match the record in Salesforce. If a Contact or Lead has the same email address, we'll update the contact or lead data. If none are found with the same email address, we'll create one.

Find an Existing Contact by Matching the following

Or, you can automatically pass this information through so your survey takers won’t need to fill out their information using merge fields.


Then, specifiy what action to take if multiple records are found with that same email address.

If Multiple Records are Found

Update the most recently modified record: This will change the last record that was updated within your Salesforce org that shares the same email address.

Update the most recently created record: This will change the last record created within your Salesforce org that shares the same email address

Update all: This will update all records found that have the same email address

Once you’ve made your selection, save your mappings, publish changes to your live survey, and as always, check your work before distributing your survey.

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