Our CX Impact Summit is just around the corner! | November 4

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Presented by:

Special guests

Trevor Noah

Comedian and host
of “The Daily Show”

Serena Williams

Professional athlete
and businesswoman

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It's a new era of CX

The CXIS event is where winning brands build up the confidence to influence and deliver on the future of customer experience.

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We're all ready for a new start, a chance to move forward with a brighter and more confident perspective. It's been a rough couple of years. And for customer experience professionals in particular, the pandemic has made an already difficult job harder with unexpected and rapidly-changing customer needs.

Get ready for GetFeedback's 2nd Annual Customer Experience (CX) Summit—a day of laughter, optimism, and inspiration delivered to you by the industry's top experts and innovators.

Join us for a day of best practices, expert insights, and tangible takeaways that will get you prepared and excited to take on the future of customer experience with confidence.


In this summit, you'll learn how to:

  • Run a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program

  • Scale your CX program with Salesforce

  • Prove the value of customer experience

  • Gain executive buy-in for CX initiatives

  • Make the most of top CX metrics (NPS®, CSAT, and CES)

  • Listen, understand, and act on customer feedback

  • Cultivate a customer-centric culture

  • Uplevel your customer experience maturity

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Our internationally renowned speakers include:

Trevor Noah

Comedian and host
of “The Daily Show”

Serena Williams

Professional athlete and

Derrick Evans

Mr. Motivator

Zander Lurie

CEO at

Thomas Husson

VP, Principal Analyst

Shonnah Hughes

Global Product Growth &
Innovation Evangelist,

Shep Hyken

Chief Amazement Officer,
Shepard Presentations

Natalie Roberts

Sr. ISV Partner
Manager, Salesforce

Jeannie Walters

Experience Investigators™

Kate Karanovic

Digital Experience &
Corporate Communications,

Kendall Gysin

Manager, Product Management,

Nicola Vote

Director of Customer Insights
and Advocacy (“CIA”) at

Annette Franz

Founder & CEO,
CX Journey Inc.

Dan Gingiss

CEO & Founder,
The Experience Maker

Nate Brown

Co-Founder at
CX Accelerator

Myra Golden

Founder, Customer Experience
Designer, Myra Golden Seminars

Craig Shull

General Manager of GetFeedback
at Momentive

Ken Ewell

Chief Customer Officer at

Mike Tatum

Demand Generation Manager of
GetFeedback at Momentive

Angela Vecce

Product Marketing Manager of
GetFeedback at Momentive


Thursday, November 4, 2021

9:00am-10:00am PST / 4:00pm-5:00pm GMT

Keynote: A conversation with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, comedian and host of “The Daily Show” |‎ Zander Lurie, CEO at Momentive

Join us for an exclusive, live-only conversation with Trevor Noah, comedian and host of “The Daily Show.”

10:10am-10:40am PST / 5:10pm-5:40pm GMT

GetFeedback product keynote

Craig Shull |‎ Thomas Husson

GetFeedback is excited to unveil our biggest release yet! Join us as our company announces features that will empower you to thrive in this new era of customer experience. Featuring Forrester’s Thomas Husson, VP, principal analyst, and Craig Shull, general manager of GetFeedback at Momentive.

10:45am-11:05am PST / 5:45pm-6:05pm GMT

Fireside chat with Serena Williams

Serena Williams, professional athlete and businesswoman |‎ Zander Lurie, CEO at Momentive

Join us for a fireside chat with Serena Williams, professional athlete and businesswoman, a nd Zander Lurie, CEO at Momentive, for a look at how Serena Ventures uses the power of elevated voices to stand out in venture capital.

11:10am-11:55am PST / 6:10pm-6:55pm GMT

“Why should I invest in CX?”

Shep Hyken |‎ Dan Gingiss |‎ Shonnah Hughes |‎ Kate Karanovic

Customer experience professionals face the challenging task of having to persuade colleagues and leadership to invest their resources and time into a CX program.

Turning skeptics into collaborators is hard. But it can be easier with Shep Hyken and Dan Gingiss on your side. In this session, they’ll share:

  • The latest industry data to uplevel your case for CX
  • How to persuade the C-Suite to support your program
  • Ways to create remarkable customer experiences that impact business growth

Join this session for the boost of confidence you need to continue being the best CX advocate in your organization!

12:00pm-12:35pm PST / 7:00pm-7:35pm GMT

Voice of the Customer “radio talk show”

Annette Franz |‎ Nate Brown |‎ Mike Tatum |‎ Kendall Gysin

Tune in for a live Voice of the Customer (VoC) talk-radio-themed session. Your co-hosts, Annette Franz and Nate Brown, also known as the “Customer Relationship Doctors,” will share a fresh approach to capturing and acting on customer feedback.

Dial into this session to learn how to:

  • Refocus priorities: First come the customer relationships, then the metrics
  • Leverage data to build long-lasting connections that bring “heart” back into the business
  • Ditch the bias and use customer feedback to make better business decisions

Have a burning VoC question to ask the Customer Relationship Doctors during the show? Submit it here.

1:05pm-1:50pm PST / 8:05pm-8:50pm GMT

How to scale personalized customer experiences (using GetFeedback with Salesforce)

Natalie Roberts |‎ Shonnah Hughes |‎ Angela Vecce

What do Salesforce and GetFeedback have in common?

Both platforms were created to put the customer at the heart of every business. In a time when digital and automation are a necessity, it can be easy to lose sight of the human behind the customer data.

In this session, Natalie Roberts and Shonnah Hughes, will cover:

  • How to evolve from customer transactional to long-term relationships
  • Methods for combining quantitative and qualitative customer feedback data at scale
  • The significance of employee experience in your CX program
  • The Salesforce exclusive co-innovation project

Join us to hear how the power of Salesforce and GetFeedback will advance your customer experience program.

1:55pm-2:30pm PST / 8:55pm-9:30pm GMT

CX maturity game: Are you a Chump or Champ?

Jeannie Walters |‎ Myra Golden |‎ Nicola Vote |‎ Ken Ewell

We all know a few CX Chumps—they talk a big game, but don’t actually deliver on great customer experience. CX Champs, on the other hand, understand that the space is always evolving, and so should their customer experience program.

Join Myra Golden and Jeannie Walters as they play the “CX Maturity Game.” Together, we’ll explore different CX scenarios and rate the maturity level of each.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess the maturity level of your CX program
  • Turn any customer complaint into a compliment
  • Build seamless collaboration across your organization
  • Take action on customer feedback in a way that’ll lead to real results

Be a CX Champ! Join us to learn how to uplevel your customer experience maturity game.

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