Tuff Shed increased customer satisfaction by 21% with GetFeedback

Building manufacturer Tuff Shed lays the foundation for lasting customer relationships with customer experience surveys at key touchpoints in their customer journey.

Tuff Shed sells weather-tested structures, from backyard art studios to backwoods cabins. They depend on dozens of regional teams and subcontractors to design and assemble each structure. To maintain its brand and market leadership, it is imperative that TuffShed measure customer satisfaction with not only their product, but also with their installation process. That’s why customers receive a survey immediately after their Tuff Shed is installed, giving customers a quick and easy way to provide feedback on their installation experience, and Tuff Shed the opportunity to set the recovery process into motion if necessary.

Thanks to GetFeedback, Tuff Shed saw a huge business impact.

decrease in negative Yelp reviews
increase in customer satisfaction
increase in 5 star ratings on review sites
Juan Contreras
Business Development Manager
We want to make sure our customers have a great end to end experience, from when they walk into the showroom to when their shed is installed. And GetFeedback helps us do just that.

Tuff Shed moved the needle on their Net Promoter Score.

Tuff Shed also uses GetFeedback to measure their customers’ overall experience by asking one simple question “How likely are you to recommend Tuff Shed to a friend?” Responses give them a concrete grasp on their promoters and detractors, as well as actionable feedback that impacts the way they do business. Resulting in more promoters and a healthier Net Promoter Score.

Salesforce workflows guarantee timely delivery and higher response rates.

Immediately after a Tuff Shed is installed onsite, contractors set the opportunity to “closed, won” in Salesforce. This triggers an installation satisfaction survey to be sent to customers. The timeliness of this survey means better response rates and higher quality of data.

Linking feedback with Salesforce gave Tuff Shed a whole new perspective on success.

Since implementing GetFeedback, Tuff Shed expanded their feedback program to measure more success metrics than ever before. They now have a pulse on performance and helpfulness by region, team, and employee. They’ve built Salesforce dashboards for each sales agent to track their own feedback, as well as management dashboards for leaders to monitor performance in their region.

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