Ticketfly increased support agent productivity by 250% with GetFeedback.

Ticketfly taps into GetFeedback and Salesforce to get a real-time pulse on customer satisfaction and client data, and it's taken their support organization to the next level.

Ticketfly is a powerful technology platform that helps venues produce events and fans buy tickets for upcoming shows. It works with 1800 of the leading music, comedy, and festival venues and promoters across North America. Last year, the company processed 24 million tickets for 100,000 events and generated $600 million in gross sales. Stellar support has been key to their success. They trigger quick, contextual client and customer satisfaction surveys immediately after a support case is closed. The feedback they’ve gathered gives them a strong pulse on support agent performance and is helping them cultivate friendly, efficient and professional support experiences that keep customers happy. Read more about Ticketfly’s customer experience story on the blog.

Thanks to GetFeedback, Ticketfly saw a huge business impact.

increase in agent productivity
uplift in survey completion
Caroline Jack
Director of Product Training and Support
GetFeedback is shaping how we operate as a business and helping us deliver a seamless client and customer support experience.

GetFeedback forms streamline the process

Immediately after a new client signs up with Ticketfly, they are greeted with a personalized GetFeedback survey that asks them about their Terms and Policies. This information helps agents provide top notch customer support to ticket buyers that inquire about upcoming shows.

Client data flows right into Salesforce

Ticketfly automatically pushes client Terms and Policies right into Salesforce onto the account record, so that they always have discoverable, up to date client information. This integration helped their support team say goodbye to spreadsheets, and hello to Salesforce.

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