Eargo increased its Net Promoter Score by 25% with GetFeedback

Hearing device company Eargo is dedicated to helping people hear life to the fullest. So how does Eargo listen to their customers? That's where GetFeedback comes in.

Eargo is an innovative hearing device company that is on a mission to make hearing easy. They are a company made up of ENT surgeons, industry professionals, tech geeks and dreamers working tirelessly to change hearing health. When the time came to select a survey platform, they needed a tool that was just like their product: simple and powerful. Eargo uses GetFeedback for Salesforce to measure key user experience metrics, from overall Net Promoter Score to hearing improvement ratings. This data helps their team analyze the needs, satisfaction, and usage behavior of their customers. Read more about Eargo’s customer success story on the blog.

Thanks to GetFeedback, Eargo saw a huge business impact.

increase in Net Promoter Score
increase in response rate
increase in 5 star ratings on review sites
Ardalan Zandian
Sr. Online Marketing Manager
GetFeedback is highly innovative. We now can spot trends among our customer’s feedback and take immediate action to improve customer happiness.

Website surveys mean better, faster feedback

The next phase of Eargo’s program is standing up website widget surveys. These will be quick, contextual surveys that pop up on Eargo’s marketing website. The surveys will help customers assess whether Eargo is right for them, and guide them through the next steps in the Eargo exploration process.

Salesforce workflows automate the process

Eargo customers automatically receive user experience surveys 30 days after receiving their devices via Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This automated process helps Eargo foster an always-on feedback program that fits seamlessly with their larger Salesforce customer journey.

Dashboards and Text Analytics help Eargo spot trends and take action

Eargo uses GetFeedback’s real-time Dashboards and Text Analytics to keep a pulse on customer feedback. Text Analytics helps their team examine customer comments in real time, identify sentiment and surface the keywords that matters most, so they never miss a beat.

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