GetFeedback is Open for Business!

We’re thrilled to let you know that is now publicly available! Over the past year our team has been working hard to create the next generation of online survey software — one that is defined by the mobile era that we all live in today. Now any company, anywhere can sign up with GetFeedback to instantly create and distribute visually-rich, mobile-optimized, online surveys that work perfectly on smartphones. tablets, and browsers.

Already 1.5 Billion smartphones are in use globally, and that number will grow to 5 Billion within just a few short years. As everyone around the world transitions to smartphones and tablets as a primary computing device, we knew the world of online surveys needed a fundamental change, and that every company would need to re-imagine the technologies they use to engage today’s consumers on today’s devices.

Surprisingly, incumbent online-survey companies have not innovated in over a decade. Despite the fact that half of all surveys are opened on mobile devices, they have seemed reluctant to change, and have simply ignored the reality that online surveys don’t work well on modern computing devices. They function poorly on smartphones and tablets, they deliver a sub-par experience for their recipients, and as a result the response rate drops, and a company’s ability to make great business decisions suffers.

We wanted to offer a completely new alternative:
Interestingly, it’s not the first time survey technology has faced fundamental disruption. In the “Mad Men” era surveys used to be conducted door­-to-­door or face-to-face. Shortly thereafter the “Telephone Era” allowed surveys to be conducted over the phone or fax machine. Most recently, survey technology has moved to the “PC Era” with emailed web forms.

Getfeedback represents the shift of online survey software to the “Mobile Era” with the explosive new multi-device world we all live in today. In this new world, GetFeedback offers a turnkey solution for any company that wants to deliver beautiful, visually-rich, appropriately branded surveys to their audiences that will work flawlessly on any device. Imagery and videos are integrated seamlessly. Colors, fonts, and branding? All customizable in minutes.

People tell us taking a GetFeedback survey is fun and delightful. Brands benefit when the survey experience is positive. And more importantly, businesses benefit when they collect better feedback and can make more-informed decisions.

We’d like to thank the thousands of companies – large organizations like The North Face,, LinkedIn and Salesforce, and smaller operations like Kathy Kuo Home and Golden Goods USA – that have been using Getfeedback during our private beta period since August. Your feedback has been invaluable.

It is with great pleasure that today we welcome everyone to — Enjoy!

The GetFeedback Team

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