Earlier this year we partnered with Salesforce.com to unveil GetFeedback for Salesforce, an integrated customer feedback and customer engagement system for Salesforce customers. It’s been a huge success for companies that use the core CRM applications from Salesforce, such as the Service Cloud.

Today we’re excited to expand upon our existing partnership for smaller, fast-growing companies that manage their customer support initiatives with Salesforce Desk.com, and we’re excited to announce the all-new GetFeedback for Desk.com

getfeedback for desk.com

GetFeedback for Desk.com allows a company deliver amazing customer service by helping them gather the customer feedback they need to answer key questions, including:

  • Are my customers satisfied and would they recommend my business to others?
  • What do my customers think about the customer support experience we are providing?
  • What is the quality of customer service being provided by my support agents? its
  • When customers are using my support website, are they able to find what they’re looking for?
  • Are my support articles and how-to guides effective for my customers or are they confusing?
  • Which aspects of my customer interactions or support process could be improved?
  • How do my customers feel about interacting with my customer support department?

With GetFeedback for Desk.com, you’ll get:

Improved self-service support

GetFeedback for Desk.com lets companies collect customer feedback directly from support websites, so they can pinpoint areas of confusion, reduce friction in the self-service support process, and identify where knowledge articles and content can be improved.
getfeedback for support centers

Better feedback on agents

Customer support agents handle many cases over any given period of time. Being able to view aggregate customer feedback across many interactions lets you understand which agents are delivering phenomenal service, and identify areas for agent improvement and training.

getfeedback for email replies

Real-time customer service satisfaction metrics

When a support case is finally closed or resolved, it’s critical to understand customer satisfaction levels. Satisfied customers are likely repeat buyers and will recommend your company to their friends and colleagues. Measuring customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores can help you ensure that every customer is a raving fan.
getfeedback for case closed surveys


All your customer feedback in one system

Feedback on the customer support process is a great start, but GetFeedback for Desk.com combined with the Sales Cloud provides complete visibility into customer feedback and sentiment across both support and sales departments. When sales teams and support teams are able to work hand-in-hand, the overall customer experience can be dramatically improved.
getfeedback for desk and sales cloud


Easy integration

GetFeedback for Desk.com is now available to all Desk.com customers in the Application Marketplace and there’s no additional cost for the integration. Get started today by reading more detailed setup instructions of GetFeedback for Desk.com

We hope that you enjoy the new offering!

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