Today we’re excited about a few updates that will go a long way to make your surveys look better, make them easier to navigate, and ultimately increase the number of completed surveys you receive.

We’re always thinking about ways to deliver the best survey-taking experience across devices, large or small, and have made some adjustments to how respondents navigate and submit your surveys. In the past, on wider screens, we saw that ‘Next’ and ‘Submit’ buttons could go unnoticed in the bottom right. This occasionally led to unintentionally abondoned surveys.

With a few design changes we’re confident that this will no longer be the case. Moving forward, you’ll find the navigation centered with your content — much like how your respondents are used to navigating photo albums across the web. Not only is this more intuitive, it also goes a long way to clean up the the look of the survey to help your content shine.

beautiful surveys

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