For customer-facing teams, boosting customer loyalty can feel like moving a mountain. It’s hard to see how one individual can impact a business-wide metric like Net Promoter Score® or customer retention.

This creates a challenge for managers: How can you empower each team member to understand and improve the customer experiences they have a hand in?

The traditional approach—running reports for each agent, region, or store—eats up hours of staff time each month. Worse yet, it only reflects past performance. By the time you sift through the data, it’s too late to improve those customer interactions.

Introducing Dashboard Filtering & Sharing

GetFeedback analytics already give you an easy way to monitor customer feedback as it arrives. And now, with dashboard filtering and sharing, you can give everyone on your team a personalized view of the customer feedback that matters most to them.

Filtered dashboard

Give teams real-time visibility into feedback

Filtered dashboards allow you to share specific slices of feedback with your team members. For example, you can:

  • Give each support agent a unique view of their own KPIs, so they can benchmark their performance and improve.
  • Show every store or dealership manager what their customers are saying.
  • Give account managers constant visibility into the health of their accounts.
  • Share user feedback with product managers, so they can monitor their own product lines.

It only takes a few seconds to create each filtered dashboard. You can filter by merge field(s), like agent ID, manager name, or region, and share this unique view with anyone on your team, whether or not they use GetFeedback.

Dashboard filtering - add filter

In addition to sharing filtered dashboards, you can also create a unique link to a read-only version of your full dashboard. This is a great way to give other departments visibility into what customers are saying.

Dashboard filtering and sharing is available to all GetFeedback Enterprise and GetFeedback for Salesforce customers. To learn more, read about sharing filtered dashboards on the GetFeedback Help Center.

dashboard filtering - learn more

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