The state of B2B Customer Experience Report

Our research reveals a new outlook on the CX space and how to thrive in it. Below are the top three key imperatives you should explore.

Report overview, sample size and legend
Overview & sample size

We surveyed 340 B2B customer experience professionals to learn how they approach customer experience. Our respondents came from companies of diverse sizes and industries across North America and EMEA.

Terms & Legend

Leaders The 48% of respondents who claimed an increase in customer satisfaction due to their CX initiative.

Laggards The remaining 52% of respondents who did not claim an increase in customer satisfaction due to their CX initiatives.


Growth opportunity The growth opportunity for Laggards to become CX Leaders.

Imperative I

Couple your competitive solution with great service

Successful CX Leaders put a much higher significance on improving the customer service experience than do their counterparts.

Which of these stages in the customer journey are top priorities for CX improvements?

Leaders Laggards Growth Opportunity
Buying 0% 0%
Customer service 0% 0%
Solution 0% 0%
Imperative II

Empower all teams to act on feedback

The top performing CX initiatives distribute customer data across departments and encourage cross-collaboration.

At your company, who has access to customer feedback?

Leaders Laggards Growth Opportunity
0% 0% Senior management
0% 0% CX team member
0% 0% Middle management
0% 0% First line management
0% 0% First line employees

Are you staffing your CX team correctly?

Find out the typical CX team structure based on company size and industry.

Imperative III

Prove the value of CX investments

Successful CX Leaders are six times more likely than their counterparts to claim a return on investment (ROI) on their customer feedback.

Leaders are twice as likely to claim a growth in revenue

0% 0%
Market position 3x

Leaders are three times more likely to claim an improvement in market position

Return on investment 6x

Leaders are six times more likely to claim a CX ROI

Leaders Laggards Growth Opportunity

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