4 imperatives to align your retail experience with your customers

Many retailers took a big hit in 2020 due to COVID-19. As we move forward in 2021 with optimism, we want to help retailers understand where to focus their efforts—and shine a spotlight on their wins.

So we surveyed 1,030 consumers across the U.S. and U.K. to find out what areas they want retailers to focus on improving this year—and then compared their answers to retailers’ actual priorities, as reported by 221 retail professionals.

Below, you’ll find just a taste of the findings—download the report to get the full scoop.

Imperative #1

Reduce customer effort

Price, quality, and brand are important factors for your customers—but convenience is quickly becoming a top priority.

Busy shoppers are looking for retailers to save them time—and inconvenience can lead to cart abandonment and a poor overall experience.

In the full report, we reveal what areas of the shopping experience you should focus on to reduce friction and boost conveience.

Imperative #2

Balance digital and in-store investments

Ecommerce saw a large boom in 2020, and many retailers had to fly into action to put digital transformation initiatives into hyperdrive.

As we emerge from the pandemic, consumers won’t be abandoning their online shopping habits—but they will be looking for a seamless omnichannel experience.

Get the report to learn what areas of the online experience your customers would prefer to see improved.

Imperative #3

Explore new ways of boosting customer loyalty

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in rising customer acquisition costs and a heightened focus on retention. As a result, many businesses launched or added new features to loyalty programs to entice customers to stay loyal during times of great uncertainty and economic hardship.

Find out how to encourage your customers to sign up—or even pay—for your loyalty program in the full report.

Imperative #4

Always close the loop

Dealing with customer complaints can be a challenge. But responding to negative feedback promptly and attempting to fix the problem is necessary if you plan on keeping your customers around.

Make sure to put a plan in place to close the loop—you may even be able to turn unhappy customers into loyal advocates for your brand.

Download the full report to learn what consumers want from you to remediate a complaint.

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